Individualized Approach

According to his or her needs, the participant benefits from the following activities:

  • Reception and selection interview
  • Introduction to Cible Retour à l’Emploi
  • Self knowledge Job market exploration (depending on the participant’s profile)
  • Information related to work habits:
    • time management
    • stress management
    • relationship with authority
    • team work versus autonomous work
    • life-work balance
  • Information on work search tools
    • use of tools in the documentation centre
    • the hidden job market
    • cold calls
    • various search tools (directories, specialized lists, Internet, etc.)
    • resumé and cover letter
    • presentation card
    • registration on Online Placement on the Emploi-Québec website
  • writing of the resumé and cover letter
  • contents of a portfolio
  • interview simulation
Job Search Services